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    You take a deep breath before submerging, but not all of it is necessary. You summarily come up to the surface on the other side and witness the source of the golden glow – gold, lots and lots of gold.

    “It is you.” The mouth behind these words are unseen, so you rub the dripping water from your eyes.“The one who, so it is told, will reclaim our legendary treasure.”

    When the strange voice is revealed to be coming from a giant isopod walking upright on two human legs with webbed feet and the vestiges of a human face and neck, you figure it as much.

    “We are an evolved-symbiosis of isopod and human. We’ve migrated all over the planet for thousands of years now, garnering a treasure that will take us from living beneath the world to ruling on top of it.”

    “So…who are you?,” you ask.

    “You probably know us from those mysterious anthropomorphic formations that show up on Google Earth or something like that these days.”

    “I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with those.”

    “Well, how about the Lost City of Atlantis?”


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