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    What appears up ahead, you simply weren’t prepared for. Emerald, scarlet emerald, aquamarine, heliodor, amethyst, sapphire and jasper of every hue, topaz, jade, ruby, quartz, diamond, and so much ostensible lapis lazuli that you fear the cones in your eyes are going to stop sending the signal for blue. All of the material makes up jewelry, furniture, and other luxurious artifacts that outdo any self-indulgent tomb in history that you’ve ever heard of. And on top of all of this, or rather surrounding all of it, is opal lining the walls, resplendent of every quality of the visible light spectrum present in the room.

    Approximately in the center of the room is a prodigious cup with the Greek zodiac symbol for Aquarius etched around the sides. Some other writing is on the cup, but it’s impossible to recognize, let alone translate. Then, at the very bottom, on the underside, is some English: The Lost Treasure of Dakota.

    “Well, I’ll be…,” is all you can say in reaction to such a convenient string of events that brought you to this place of all places. “El Dorado was right here in the USA’s big backya-“

    Your mind blanks when you touch the cup and it shrinks down to action-figure-accessory size and literally leaps into your jean pocket. A timer begins ticking somewhere in the locus of space and time in the room and, much like a video game, you know that you only have a limited amount of time to pilfer what you can of the treasure.


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