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    Your purchases include stylish outfits from every century since the Renaissance (you were especially looking forward to wearing the excessive rococo frills to bingo night), a true lifetime supply of chocolate (none of this receive x lbs. of Hershey’s bars in the mail every month, you actually have a chocolate vault representative of every country and corporation’s version of the food), and your very own hotel. You didn’t buy the hotel to rent the rooms out though; you invite your friends over to stay in it and play hide-n-go-seek – for some reason you didn’t want it to be a mansion.

    One day, while you wait in room 431 for your cousin Iggy and the others to find you, you decide to put the rest of your money toward a good cause. Lying there on the bed, staring at the blank television, you come up with a plan to buy back land that was originally taken from the Sioux Indians and work toward it being recognized as a sovereign country, the nation of Lost Dakota.

    The End.




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