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    “I can’t believe I just pushed the yellow button.”

    When they come in to take you out of the room, your forehead has a red circle from where you let it fall on top of the button out of shame.

    “No need to worry. We didn’t shoot him. You might also like to know that about fifty percent of people push the button…and you’re actually free to leave at any time.” That’s when you hear someone crying out in pain. “Wait, who’s that?”

    “That’s just another experiment we’re running.”

    You’ve hypothetically failed someone in a life or death situation already and you want to make sure you don’t do it for real. You run down the walkway, past the ice machine again, and throw open the door to the room in question.


    It’s your roommate from moments before, the one you failed, yelling his head off in masochistic delight. You listen in on the experiment and watch him push one of four buttons in front of him.

    “I’m sorry. That answer is also incorrect,” the person on the other end responds rather too objectively and administers what must be an electric shock to the tabs attached to the stutterer’s temples.


    You shut the door almost as hastily as you opened it.


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