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    The time intended for reason and reflection winds up giving you a headache and the thin air here isn’t helping matters. As you try to visualize the rushing wind from the outside blowing away your stress and discomfort, you doze off.

    A dream begins – you’re in Canada. You’ve finally escaped the United States after years of imprisonment by slave-driving corporate financiers and entitlement hawkers. But when you come upon the first clear fresh lake, you’re horrified at your face because it looks like your fingertips would after staying in the tub too long.

    Instead of waking up at such a horrible feeling, you somehow wake up inside of the dream realizing that something this terrible wouldn’t happen to you in waking life. What comes next you could hardly have expected as your dream-augmented subconscious mind begins to boss your conscious mind around.

    Your body parts disassemble in a quick leprosy and spread themselves over the corners of the earth. Your pelvis becomes a theme-park ride host in France, your cochlea builds a hermitage underneath a rusting Soviet bridge in Sakhalin, and one of your wisdom teeth gains a cabinet seat in the executive branch of the Nigerian government – the overall effect is brutal to your sanity, especially when you’re “pulled together again” once you wake up for real.

    You must have been sleeping for a long time because the bus has made it back around to Denver.


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