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    The violet vendor accepts your check for the Conestoga wagon complete with a team of four oxen. Bags of feed, bedding, an oil lantern, and a rifle for hunting are all thrown in as well.

    “Goodbye,” he tells you unblinking as you set out for the open outdoors, “and good luck getting to Oregon Country!”

    Not two miles down the road from the emporium you pass by one of those remembrance markers for unfortunate drivers. On closer examination it reads: Here Lies Edna Haythorpe, Died of Exhaustion. You can see that gasoline-free wasn’t exactly an advantage since the oxen have eaten through their feed like it was a can of Pringles and you’ve been forced to stop every so often for grazing.

    After a while, it sounds like a good idea to recoup at the Buffalo Gap National Grassland. Your wagon fits in with the surroundings so well that the park rangers must have taken you for part of the attraction. The area seems fit for hunting, so you clean out your rifle and peer through the crosshairs behind a grouping of tall bushes. You wait until some rabbits come bobbing along and then, out of the corner of your eye, a much larger bundle of fur comes lumbering into your sights – a bison!


    If you throw your respect for endangered species to the pioneer wind and take aim at the bison, shoot to page 100.

    If you make things a little tougher for yourself and aim for the less meaty, but no less adorable bunny rabbits, fire on page 136.


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