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    “Yep, well, there it is. Devils Tower,” you think, feeling like Clark Griswold at the Grand Canyon now that you’ve reached your destination.

    At the visitor’s center, there are some stories about giant bears, eagles, and a great spirit named Walking Taco (or something phonetically similar) but nothing about Lost Dakota.

    Trekking up and down the scree doesn’t seem to be leading you much of anywhere either. That’s when you notice candy conversation hearts appearing on the ground as if there were an intentional trail of them leading some place.

    miss you, fax me, whiz kid read the smudgy red letters on the hearts.


    If these messages intrigue you, follow the trail to page 143

    or you can just screw this weeny candy land junk and climb on up to page 120 – to the top of Devils Tower!


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