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    “Ahem,” he quickly clears his throat and speaks with unexpected civility. “You’ll have to excuse me sometimes. I’m sorry. Sorry, sorry.” He talks fast and with a stutter that’s not exactly a stutter but more like deliberately repeating entire words.

    “You wouldn’t happen to have jumper jumper jumper cables in your vehicle vehicle?”

    “uhhhh…I…,” you say before recalling his violent outbreak.

    “Let me go see if I do.”

    In a matter of ten minutes, the cables are latched onto the skin over his temples, feeding electric power into his skull and his brain.

    “Thank thank you,” he says with special attention to his polite demeanor. “I have to have to get my fix fix, you see, I’m suffering from an addiction addiction to shock shock shock shock therapy.”

    “Ah, well, that’s too bad.”

    “Would you like to drive?” he asks as he gets in on the passenger’s side.

    “I can drive drive if you want me to me to!”

    “Oh…no! I should drive.”

    Before you bother to buckle in, you turn the key to see if it even starts. It doesn’t.

    “Uh…don’t feel like you were the one who sucked the juice out of it. It was acting like it was going to fail on me just before I…You’re doing alright, aren’t you?”

    “Hmm? Oh, of course course I am.” You roll your tongue around in your mouth while trying to fathom this individual sitting next to you.

    “Look look look, let’s hop hop in that other car. They don’t need it now now now.”


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