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    “It looks like a cipher of some sort,” Iggy offers when you ask him about it. “Ciphers are usually in need of some key to unlock the order of the letters – like the number of shifts that are made in the alphabet to rearrange the letters.”

    He gives you such an overview of ciphers on the ride back east, it’s like riding with an audiobook on the subject. Then, after you enter the Black Hills, it hits you.

    “The key! It’s one of the horses’ names!”

    [Picture of writing on a pad from Econo Lodge:] LOST DAKOTA (12-15-19-20 4-1-11-15-20-1).

    You unlock the cipher, speak the magical decrypted phrase, and suddenly it’s as if the holy Rapture itself had swept you from the passenger’s seat. You have unlimited access to your other possible lives and realities, numberless, branching out and tangibly accessible as if they were recorded in a Choose Your Own Adventure Book.

    Fwx Yre.




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