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    “My name is Wóȟpe, goddess of peace.” Yes, the buffalo does indeed speak English. And with a Lakota accent.

    “Um, Whoopie, could you give me a ride to a hospital or something like that? I don’t care if you’re real or not, I’m just very badly hurt.”

    “Your wounds are already healed,” she says, prompting you to affirm the claim by checking yourself over. “But I will take you somewhere. Hop on my back.”

    Of course, you follow her command and the next thing you know, you’re in Wyoming. Big Horn Mountains. The Medicine Wheel, a pre-Columbian Native American landmark used for fasting and vision quests. Only there seems to be a solicitor setting up tables on top of the sacred area, like a yard sale.

    “I think it IS a yard sale!,” you exclaim upon examining it more closely. “This is terrible, Whoopie, how can this be?”

    The buffalo doesn’t say anything, but keeps close at hand, following you as you begin to rummage with your disconcerted eyes. You’re drawn toward something – the plastic case for a GameCube disc, a James Bond game from 2004, Everything or Nothing. You open the case and find a folded, torn out piece of notebook paper that reads, in ordinary Bic ink, LOST DAKOTA.

    “What is this Whoopie? Is this something you wanted me to see?” Her big, sad eyes surrounded by brown fur make you think of Mr. Snuffleupagus.

    “Do you not understand?,” she asks you sternly. “It’s everything. Or it’s nothing. Il piu nell’ uno. Either everything is true…or nothing is true. Yes or no. Everything is meaningful or nothing is. There can be no middle ground in The End.”




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