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    Bigfoot takes you to a hidden cavern and then carries your sickly body down into what might be Hell, you’re not certain; it sure smells sulphuric enough. To appeal to the doubts you’re having about this, you fancy yourself as Frodo throwing away the ring in Mordor.

    When you reach your destination, you weren’t expecting your fantasy to be so aligned with reality; a giant pool of magma whirls in front of your eyes like the computer-generated orange slushie batch in the movies. When he lifts you up above his head you look down at his face and sense something else now – hatred…and revenge. His teeth look sharp and baboonish.

    When you’re tossed into the swirling mass it causes the super-volcano to erupt, covering the world in 15 feet of ash and the North American continent in a molten lava deluge.

    The End of the World As We Know It.




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