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    By 2112, humans have reached a type II civilization, meaning they’ve completely utilized the power of the sun, spread themselves across the solar system, and are exploring what lies beyond with virtual bodies. No one has to work anymore if they don’t want to and disease and mortality have long become things of a bygone era.

    Only intellectual and spiritual explorations of the Infinite and battles against ennui at having “seen everything” are the troubles of the day. You’re surprised to see that a total suicide, “erasure” as it’s referred to, which grants the individual total oblivion in having ever existed, is the only real threat – sort of like the ultimate deadly drug overdose to escape.

    What this world has to offer is so much more than the one you come from, so you end up living here for the next few years. Your experience is mind-blowing to many exponential powers and total erasure is a temptation that eventually pulls you in. It’s just too much for you to take in…

    The Oblivion.




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