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    Weightlessness. Masslessness, in fact. You feel as if you have no body or physical existence at all and yet you’re being swept away, up, up, higher and higher, but not through space. And not through time either.

    A very bright light appears, if appears is the right word, but it has no stark or blinding effects. That’s when an acquaintance of yours makes an appearance as well – Sitting “Bud Grant” Bull.

    “It’s…you. Have I arrived…there?”

    “Some people meet Jesus or Buddha or Olodumare. I’m just your particular manifestation.”

    Your manifestation entrusts to you a very fat Magic 8-Ball with 7 times 70 icosahedrons inside, floating about, and as many different answers as faces. You shake the ball as if you were shaking hands with your best friend for the final time, not wanting to leave any loose ends or doubts with it. You peer into the murky window to read its answer: Yes – definitely. The ball bursts into an even brighter, all-encompassing light and you experience Love as you never have before.

    The Now.




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