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    “Sorry, but I just didn’t feel comfortable telling you this with a bunch of people around,” he says to you however incredulous his coyness sounds, “It’s just that I’ve never felt like this before! I just experienced the most amazing 20 seconds of my life! I built a microwave the size of a small gymnasium for a world record and then filled it with batteries, magnets, fireworks, giant wads of bubble gum – if you can find it in an emporium, I had it. It broke down and I didn’t want to keep the people from Guinness waiting so I decided to go and fix it. Well, the power kicked on while I was inside and now I know how Bruce Banner must have felt when he got caught in that gamma bomb test!”

    “Except you didn’t come away as an out of control monster,” you try to calm him with.

    “Oh no,” he responds hurriedly, “but this is what I wanted to show you.”

    Out of his pocket, he pulls a refreezable ice pack he must have swiped from somewhere inside. He holds it out in front of him at shoulder length like an ancient offering to God and you watch the package bubble up and spew the hot blue liquid onto the blacktop.

    “You…you’re like a super-hero, unless…” He cuts you off as soon as you pause.

    “Hey, I’m just trying to protect myself now. I don’t trust what the authorities might do to me if I’m found out. Someone’s bound to try and perform tests on me if they see me looking like this – that’s why I need someone’s help.”


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