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    You figure the best place to hide would be somewhere up in the ceiling, but your chances for finding a spot there are nulled by the people rushing their way in through the front. The lunatic acts like he has something in mind so you follow him into the frozen food section. Immediately, he throws two of the doors wide, taking out frozen bags of tortellini and other Birdseye dinners and then shoving them in with the tubs of rainbow sherbet. Being so pressed for time, you can’t think of a better solution and follow his lead.

    Once you get down to the bare shelves, you discover that they’re as good as welded for your own noodle-weak arms; for the lunatic, it’s a different story entirely, and he rips them out with an adrenal vengeance, the cuss words starting to fly again. He stuffs himself inside the freezer and you shut the door for him.


    “Well, I would be freezing if you hadn’t have come down this aisle,” you want to say to your captors.

    “By special order of the Double-A CIA, you’re under a-”

    His domineering voice is subsumed by a powerful hum. An infrared glow is emanating from the lunatic’s hiding place followed by a laserbeam light about the diameter of the decoder ring that cuts straight through everyone’s molecules, sending all of you into a land beyond supermarkets.

    The End…of this adventure.




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