• 180


    Four princes, the clue begins, mounted upon conquest and engraved in the black blood of war.

    “So this is pointing us to a location, right?” You get a sharp head nod out of both of them in response.

    “And you guys couldn’t pull out Mt. Rushmore from this clue?”

    “Mt. Rushmore is the location being alluded to?”

    “I’m no Jeopardy champ, but yeah – four princes, presidents, mountained upon the conquest of Indian lands and the Black Hills War that got the U.S. the land on which Mt. Rushmore is placed.”

    “Pay no heed to our methods. Mt. Rushmore is our next destination.”

    Now you really can say you feel like Cary Grant. Seeing that it must be in their benefit to insure compliance on your part, they begin to answer your questions about what’s going down.


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