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    “Ah, well, that’s a shame. You’ll require further treatment then.” You feel insulted by this psychological trap of his but you still follow his advice and free prescriptions.

    The next day he takes you up around the Idaho-Montana border somewhere and finds a sparsely forested field to park in.

    “There used to be a small territory right out this way during those wild west years. They called it Lost Dakota. Did you know that?”

    “Huh. What do you know…”

    This of course gets you more involved in the fresh-air treatment he’s giving you. You look up at the sky – on one side there’s a storm cloud forming and on the other is the Aurora Borealis.

    “Reality,” the doctor speaks up as the sun goes down and the stars begin peeking through the strands of Northern Lights, “It’s reality that is truly incredible. You’re either not grasping it or not paying attention to it at all.”

    The storm begins rotating at a much faster rate and quickly forms into a supercell thunderstorm before your very eyes.

    “Someone like you lives within his or her own mind and it causes neuroses and schizophrenic behavior. Madness. It leads to self-obliteration. You need to accept these beautiful boundaries we call the universe for what they are.”

    The storm engulfs you both in a concentrated rain like a waterfall blown over from one of Jupiter’s moons.

    The End.




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