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    “The GPS consists of 24 satellites orbiting approximately 11,000 miles above Earth. Each satellite carries four atomic clocks, synchronized within a billionth of a second of one another by the master superclock in Boulder, Colorado. A process of triangulation is performed by the satellites in calculating precise locations. The CIA has acquired very dangerous information that is being investigated too closely – they are using the satellites to emit signals in three specific locations here in the North/Mid-West United States in order to unlock a classified object or place, we don’t have sufficient information to that point. What we do know is that it could have terrible consequences, and our directive has always been to check the power of the Agency.”

    “I see. And how exactly are we going about checking them?”

    The second AIO answers you, “Alpha is to obstruct their signal emissions using ELF tools. Beta is sending a GOB to launch FROGs.”

    You shake your head a fraction and blink. “I’m sorry, what do those acronyms mean?”

    “ELF = Extremely Low Frequency, GOB = Ground Order of Battle, and FROG = Free Rocket Over Ground.” You ignore this abstruseness for the moment.

    “Alright, so we only have less than a half hour to get where we’re going, right?”

    “The time zones change from Central to Mountain. This lends us 1 hour, 19 minutes, and 24 seconds.”

    “Still, that’s probably not going to be enou-” Your comment ends when you feel the motor of the car transitioning into speeds you didn’t know were possible in a Prius.


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