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    If this really is a time machine, you might as well have some real fun with it!

    By mentally choosing opposing directions in time, you split into two separate individuals, only individuals sharing their experiences collectively. Out of these two persons, one travelling into the past and one into the future, is created a third composite you existing in a singular, present state of time and mind.

    As your trips into both the past and the future progress, the act is almost like going through a turnstile of mirrors – revolving mirrors on both sides of you going at hyper, tachyonic (much faster than light) speeds creating the third, present-person out of a self-consistent echo effect. You remember this effect from when you would shout into one cellphone and then place it next to a cellphone that it was already in conference with, making an eternal reverberating echo.

    The effect actually speeds up as your persons stretch farther apart from one another, and eventually, as it propels you further and further in time in both directions, the two of you begin to curve back inward. The past-you begins to travel back into the future and the future-you begins to travel into the past, until all three persons meet back at the present, everything slowing down like the end of a Gravitron carnival ride.

    “I don’t think this time machine thing is for me,” you decide. You feel like you should be vomiting.

    “I’ll go for the hovercraft instead.”


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