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    “Whatever this clunker is, it’s just about the heaviest thing in proportion to its size I’ve ever tried to lift!,” you think before using some leverage from the mower to roll the big chunk of gray and black rock up onto the hood.

    As you begin to mow again, your gaze becomes obsequious to the mass of rock, as if its gravity were drawing you in.

    “Or maybe it’s radioactivity!” The thought lights up your eyes, getting you through the rest of your sedentary work day.

    After forty-five minutes or so of riding around with the rock, your Zune shuts off and your suspicions are bolstered, although it could just be that you ran out of battery power. After parking your machine, you work with a few tools in a drawer to chisel off a bit of the rock. As soon as a piece of it comes off though, a split-second vision, like a flashing resplendence of your previous one in Minnesota usurps your mind’s eye.

    “Is the rock…trying to talk to me?,” the miniscule experience provokes you to ponder.


    If you spend a little more time exploring this mysterious treasure, go to page 107.

    If you want to hock the rock and see if it might be Uranium-235 (which would be worth thousands of dollars per gram!), go to page 175.


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