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    After searching around for a few minutes with no immediately perceivable surveillance, you find yourself peculiarly drawn toward a grouping of five zauschneria shrubs in more or less the shape of a plus-sign. The one in the middle is the one that seems to be beckoning to you so you stand directly over it and fall through as if there were no ground at all.

    As you fall you think, “Whoa, this feels so much like a certain video game from my childhood,” before landing softly on your feet in darkness.

    “Have you ever read Bentov or Houck?” a voice from the nether-reaches asks you as if they were sitting next to you in a passenger’s seat. It continues. “They describe a simultaneous “everywhen” model of consciousness, where all information preexists and can be accessed at any point in the universe at any moment by anyone.”

    The voice stops for a brief moment to let you absorb the idea put forward.

    “Their body of work indicates that our generally accepted notions of time-space coordinates need to be revised into a more holographic conception – a simultaneous-everywhere grid where any part can recreate the whole.”

    The voice stops again.

    “Are you following what I’m saying?” it asks and you reply, “Uhhh…”

    At that, lights immediately come on and practically blind you for the next 10 seconds before you see that you’re standing in front of a model of glimmering rings, a tiny floating ball bearing in the middle, and two very thin beams of light hitting it from above and underneath.


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