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    “Uh, yes, this child is mine – his name is Dakota.”

    You hear an assured “ahh-huh” in response and then it’s one of those moments like being anesthetized for surgery and then regaining consciousness somewhere else after it’s over with no sense of any time having passed – only now when you awake, you’re naked, standing upright without any control over your body, and holding onto the squirming entrails of a buffalo.

    Three robed individuals pass the baby around chanting the three syllables of his name respectively “DA” says the first. “KO” goes the second. “TA” the third. Rotating, each time getting faster and switching the syllables from person to person until you wonder “What are the Three Stooges doing with my baby?”

    The chanting ritual ends and a new sequence begins involving an impressive-looking Medieval Japanese sword being passed around while some narrative is given about the Age of Dakota – when soul first entered flesh – coming to an end. One of them raises the sword over Dakota’s head and cries out, “This child, born immaculately to only one human, represents the seal.”

    You want so badly to object to the proceedings but your entire physical self is being held back by some telekinetic force.

    “A previous Age, now lost will be rediscovered, and that of Dakota will become lost.” With that, the blade comes down swiftly.

    The End of the Age of Dakota.




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