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    You approach Chimney Rock on US-26 and drive carefully over land up to the natural, burgundy monument. You are told in a voice just above a whisper that the vehicle is using cloaking technology, so you’re not supposed to make any indiscreet moves. The operative’s subdued voice continues.

    “Chimney Rock is, in another context, a pointer – a single divining rod for a portion of sky that government intelligence research has uncovered to be of extraterrestrial significance.”

    “Is that where this cloaking technology comes from? Aliens?” you say out loud without realizing your own bewonderment. The AIO continues unabated.

    “Apparently giants did quote-unquote walk the earth at some point in Earth’s prehistory, and by giants I mean sentient giants – an alien humanoid species placed on Earth millions of years ago with intentions of colonization, it is assumed. Their progress was rebuffed by some pathological obstacles, but a member of the species is thought to have lain dormant,” he points to the spire in front of you, “underneath this very rock.”

    “And why’s the CIA so interested?”

    “That might become apparent to you in a moment – here take this device.” It looked sort of like an old Gameboy Advance without a screen.

    “Now when I begin the countdown for STELAR to launch its I-HAWK, you press down both of the buttons on zero.”


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