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    You push your car to 85 mph and you can hear how the semi is beginning to shake and rattle. So you give it a little more gas to 88 to see if you’ve towed in the truck to its limits.

    BANG!! “He’s rear ending me now!,” you shout very coherently in your head.

    Your back bumper must have cracked because you can hear something scraping against the asphalt.

    BAM!! The second time really gets you nervous and you start to swerve off and on the road again before doing a turnabout with a very wide arc, almost tipping your car over. Your speed is now 97 going the opposite direction as you try to lose him for good. You manage to get back on 196 without seeing any lights behind you so you finally decelerate to 82.

    WHAMO!!! A split second before your seat belt acts like a flimsy guillotine and the airbag fulfills Ralph Kramden’s exaggerated promise, you get a view of the truck behind you with no lights on.


    Yes, you’re still alive, turn to page 150.


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