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    Whole precious statuettes and gemstone nuggets that outweigh the most thunderous bowling balls are now fill your pockets whenever you touch one of the items. This whole set-up reminds you of many-a-bonus-level in videogames but also fondly of your elementary gymnasium when an accomplished fundraising student got to rush around picking up cash before the time ran out.

    As hard as it is to imagine, let alone believe, your pocket is soon filled with more value than some blue-chip stocks’ total equity. Of course (you should have guessed) now that the time has reached zero, the place begins to shake and rattle at its very structure as if there were a mounting earthquake. This too has a time limit that you just manage to beat by the soles of your sneakers. What remains is a flat plain of mowed grass without a sign of anything more interesting.

    “So much for coming back for seconds.”


    If you’re prudent and put most of the money from the valuables away in diversified investments, go to page 44.

    If you go ahead and buy everything you’ve ever wanted to buy, go to page 208.


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