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    The hamster ball is large enough to carry your cargo although this makes it much tougher to keep the ball moving forward. “I’ll probably have to carry more “fuel” for my own biological engine too.” Fortunately, there are no steep inclines to trudge up or declines where one might roll out of control. However, once it begins to rain, the air-holes provided for easier breathing start letting in water.

    “Alright, that’s enough of this,” you say to yourself and make a wide u-turn to head back toward the emporium.

    When you finish the entire 180 degrees of your turn, you almost run smack dab into a sign – a welcome sign for the same emporium that should be a few miles behind you now. Almost as if by magic, there it is in front of you, purple salesman and all.

    “I knew you probably wouldn’t like that one,” he says to you, offering a handkerchief the size of a beach towel for drying off. The handkerchief has an odd wooly mammoth-motif – the mammoths have armored plating like an armadillo’s rather than brown tufts of hair. Using a remote control, he opens a metal flap that leads into what appears to be a small hovel but is only another portion of the giant warehouse.

    “Let’s see if any of these catch your fancy.”


    Oh baby! A jetpack! If you trade in for this, rocket to page 181.

    Well, this one says it’s a time machine but you have your doubts. Hey, things have been pretty strange so far anyway. If you take it, go to page 13.

    A hovercraft! Why aren’t we riding around in these by now anyway? If you pick it, go to page 123.


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