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    The suit oscillates and flickers you on back to the early Pleistocene era where mammals have long since asserted their dominance. You felt compelled to visit an early ancestor or two and hopefully the beasts here aren’t as cold-bloodedly vicious as their reptile predecessors.

    “A chalicothere!,” you can’t help but exclaim as you recognize the awe-inducing megafauna. The creature shifts its weight around in a gorilla-like movement and you can only duck to the ground with your arms over your head.


    You hear this yawping from an unclear source on the other side of the beast followed by a sound like a sack full of wet rice being run through by a sword. You look up just in time to see the chalicothere collapsing, becoming trapped under its advancing shade. Instead of experiencing any of this beast’s crushing weight, your fright is so irrational that the beast’s wounded scream triggers a thought about how in the future scientists might examine the wave rings produced in freshly cooling lava next to a fossilized skeleton to determine the vocal patterns of the animal.

    “DAH-KOH-TAH!” you hear from an obviously more hominine set of vocal chords.

    “DAH-KOH-TAH! DAH-KOH-TAH!” The chanting makes you realize that you’ve survived the incident unscathed (and that any attempt at making physical contact with your surroundings is prohibited by the suit).

    “DAH-KOH-TAH!” the human-like “person” declares one more time, pumping his anachronistic cross-bow up and down in riotous triumph.


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