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    The exit you’ve taken is abraded with gravel washboard. You know from The Wages of Fear not to slow down because the nitroglycerin might rattle and ignite so you stay at the extra fast speed of 55 mph, gliding over the washboard without any bumps.

    However, now, just as in the film, a truck comes into view – only this truck is heading straight toward you! The path is almost unbearably narrow so there’s no room to swerve. Instead you apply the breaks and wince for the impending explosion. You think you hear all of it go off…

    …but it’s only the horn of the other truck. Nothing happened. The nitro must be more secure than in the movie, you realize in relief.

    The other driver gets out so you do the same and meet him in between the two trucks. The first thing you notice is the Subway logo on his black shirt.

    “So they get Subway up here?,” you ask.

    “Yeah, sure, once a month we get an order in. You know you’re going the wrong way?! Are you with Lost Dakota?”

    “I…I really don’t know. You want to hear a crazy story?”

    The End.




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