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    Lost Dakota, you naturally named the lost land, makes you a hero to archaeologists, scientists, artists, mystics, and so on, with your stories of what it was like to live in this mysterious realm of fantastical beings and architecture and its unfortunate demise at the hands of Napotapeea the Olgorn – all of it verified by what remains and your loyal prehistoric bird Kazoom.

    Of course, you’re able to handsomely cash-in on selling your time and talks to large crowds and scientists, percentage royalties for a television series followed by a blockbuster 3-D film, and even a Choose Your Own Adventure book you wrote based on some of your actual travels and travails.

    But even this wealth is not enough to find a cure for the progressive cancer you developed from exposure to the radioactive rocks of Orgone. Miraculously, your bird-friend Kazoom lays an egg that hatches into a cryptic message that’s translated into the unlikely answer to your only hope to be cured…

    What happens next? Email your ending to lostdakota@yaddlezap.com!

    You Choose!: The End.




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