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    You didn’t make enough on the investment to pursue your first choice, so you go with your original opportunity cost – a theme park in Wyoming adjunct with Lake Tahoe. Naturally, you’d apply the name “Lost Dakota” as an evocative point of sale (you could already picture flocks of sixty-six year old tourists wearing sun visors with the logo in big Land of the Lost letters.) Paleolithic and Ice Age sections came first followed by an educational expansion into Lost America: Land of the Native Americans with panoramic theaters and then the fan-favorite section of Lost Lands and Cryptids featuring the likes of Lemuria and Ogopogo.

    Then, one day, as you rode around in the park’s monorail, pondering the hidden metaphor of someone only visiting the park to ride the monorail and observe all of the rides without actually riding them.

    “Didn’t that happen on that Tiny Toons movie?” It was in this state of mind that you were alerted about someone’s chimpanzee getting whiplash on the Glacial Guster.

    You ended up being sued in a landmark case that set a precedent for considering chimpanzees to be on par with humans, but that didn’t bear any weight on the decision you made that day. You decided to build an annexed amusement park for animals, which, it should be noted, more than made up for the damages involved in the whiplash tort.

    “What was it Gandalf said to Frodo?,” you morally invoked as you came up with idea in your blood-orange seat on the monorail.

    “Ah, yes…All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

    The End.




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