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    You must have blacked out for only a few seconds because you’re still inside your car and unmoved from behind the airbag. You force yourself through the overwhelming soreness to unbuckle, open the door, and then flop out onto the ground.

    You’re hanging on to that desire to get away from the mad trucker and you might have a chance out in the dark. You still hear the truck’s engine running so you crawl in front of the car before crawling faster and then working your way upright and walking forward in a daze. Then you hear the truck coming again.

    “Oh, no,no,no,no,” is all your mind repeats and your walk turns into an excruciating jog. Still, even without its lights on, the driver must be able to know where you are as the gyrating steel noises become louder. You come to the desperate conclusion that the only way to survive is to duck headlong underneath the truck and in between the tires, hoping that the driver will leave you for dead.

    As soon as you line yourself up and perform the duck you have a moment of elation that you’d made it. But only a very short one because as soon as you look up to see the end gap between the ground and the truck, you see something you’d never seen before on a semi – a third pair of tires, right in between the two in the back.

    The End.




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