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    You’re mailed a set of keys in response to your interest in the job. Coordinates are provided for locating the patch of land and when you arrive there’s only a small facility just large enough to garage the industrial lawnmower you’ll be driving. However, its gas tank does rival the bulk of an RV’s rear-end so you know your butt’s in for some long days and the bumps could make it exponentially worse.

    “Maybe I’ll get to feel like a cowboy ranching his miles of pasture,” you tell yourself as you start your first strip. “But who would want all of this land mowed in the first place?” you ask yourself over and over in between segments of half-garbled Fleetwood Mac from your headphones. “It’s not like I’m mowing a golf-co-”

    KUPPACLUNK! The mower is still running but it feels and sounds like its stuck on something hard and heavy.


    If you reach underneath the mower while the blades are still switched on, go to page 69.

    If you make sure the machine is turned OFF before investigating, go to page 169.


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