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    You suck in a big breath and let it out after deciding to reword your question. You’re feeling extra jivey, so you form the question outside of the yes-or-no requisite to see if anything else strange happens.

    “WHERE is Lost Dakota located?”

    The answer takes considerably longer than usual to come up…and then…

    “That’s for me to know and you to find out! :P”

    The smart-aleck answer just tics you off more than anything. You hop back into your car.


    As you see it, there are really only two choices now, as you browse through the collection of albums on your Zune hooked into your tape-deck:

    If you decide to listen to Codename: Rondo by Ghostland Observatory, go to page 117.

    If you choose instead to listen to The Zombies’ Odyssey & Oracle while you drive, go to page 114.


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