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    It takes some getting used to, but after understanding something called the non-aggression principle that everyone seems to be in agreement with, stating that no one shall infringe upon any other person’s right to his or her own person or property, things fall into place for you. Except for intellectual property – in fact, it isn’t considered property at all since it’s infinitely reproducible and how nothing is detracted from anyone else’s property when we “steal” their idea. But it seems to work nonetheless, with no patents to maze through and an incentive to improve upon your original product to stay ahead, all the important industries become as fast-paced and productive as fashion or pornography.

    Money is a whole new concept, being fully backed by competing and parallel standards of gold, silver, nickel, or what have you – there’s even a uranium standard! But the best thing about the money is that it actually goes up in value if you hold onto it – so everything just keeps getting less and less expensive. Anyone and everyone can afford a private education and many have already hired a full-time tutor, not to mention schools are actually competing for your dollars. Private roads function perfectly without any of the drawbacks you’d heard about, but that’s really something that won’t fully prove itself until it catches on above ground.

    Soon, the world underground becomes so lucrative that states begin to change their laws in order to stop looking so foolishly backward. In a decade or so, historians are proclaiming a new era, calling it the beginning of…

    The End.




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