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    You turn the key once, twice, a third time and still nothing comes of it. You look up and see the two men hiding behind their sunglasses, stepping out of their damaged vehicle. One of them shoots a small object that sticks to the surface of the squad car. You turn the key a fourth and then a fifth time…your engine starts just as the cop car explodes into a fountain of fire. In your rear-view mirror, the flames flicker and glow like a jack-o-lantern against the evening sky.

    “This is madness,” you barely mumble to yourself as you speed along the highway into the night.

    Soon, not ten minutes later, it’s dark enough out to make the headlights gaining behind you seem disembodied. Your car is beginning to slow down too, acting like it’s going to shut off again. As you’re checking for warning lights on the dashboard, you don’t have to time swerve and avoid hitting someone who walks directly into your path with arms wide-open as if he were Bill Murray welcoming his oncoming death in Groundhog Day.


    If you stop to check on the vital signs of this guy you may have just involuntarily manslaughtered, turn to page 101.

    If you ignore this little accident and let your car run down before the “people in grey” come to take you away, turn to page 81.


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