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    You try taking advantage of the tower’s size by giving the cop a little slapstick-inspired runaround before you start climbing the lattice of the steel framework.

    You stay up there for the next half-hour but in the meantime police back-up is called in and a team of rescue workers inflate one of those rescue air mattresses you’ve seen in behind-the-scenes stunt work. A dark storm cloud is forming just overhead, eerily mirroring the expansion of the jumping bag. You wonder about how the tower’s cupola planted a resemblance in your mind’s eye to Aleister Crowley’s 33rd degree pyramid hat and then you look down at the jumping bag and how it’s starting to look like a nice, big pillow for sleeping and dreaming.

    Someone fires a shot in the air to possibly get you to fall backward but all it seems to do is loosen a lightning bolt from the storm cloud above that strikes the tower. The electric current is not only channeled through the entirety of the steel tower but it’s sustained for several seconds, building even, traversing your central nervous system until you gradually vanish before everyone’s eyes.


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