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    The betting goes on for a little while, back and forth between the both of you, each time the stakes building in small layers like the construction of a sacred mound, until you finally play your hand.

    Just before he lays down his own, the bearded man gives you a look that strikes you to the base of your spine. It turns out both of you have the same suit of royal flush – very odd, considering the lot of you were only dealt one deck. You know for certain you didn’t cheat.

    “Don’t you have some kind of traceable RFID technology in the cards to know if they’re phonies?”, you ask the dealer. The answer is an expected no, so you both decide to let each other fold rather than make a scene about who cheated.

    Security quickly shows up and escorts both of you to the main exit. You think that this is hardly fair so you lick and bite your lips intensely, scrambling with glances for a way out of your predicament. Your eyes light up like two lemons when you spot Mehitable. You hand her the rest of your cash.

    “What do you want me to do with this?”, she asks.

    “Win something!”


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