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    Well, there’s ski-ball, that game where you try to stop the light on the jackpot for hundreds of tickets, and…an odd game down at the end that no one seems to notice. You walk a little closer in its direction to confirm what you think you see – a bird. Not just any bird, but a bird that could be identified as a missing link between dinosaurs and the biological class of Aves.

    The game, or so it claims, is one where you claw-for-prizes, only it’s the bird’s claw doing the grasping. There’s a handle that you squeeze – sort of like the ones that measure the strength of your grip – that triggers a tickling sensation to the bird. Apparently it’s been specially trained to then get up off of its perch, pick up one of the plastic colored eggs floating about in a little wind tunnel, and drop the egg into a chute so you can retrieve your prize.


    Try the game out on page 108.


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