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    You’re heading in a southeasterly direction with the wind behind you on I-25 somewhere in the vacant state of Wyoming. It’s nighttime and you’re getting bored with your different games – you’ve counted 16 Toyotas, 8 Fords , and 2 perdiddles so far.

    Just to ratchet your brain’s stimulation up a notch, you decide to take a turn off of the interstate onto SR 196 (Old Hwy 87). When you do this, you find it odd that a semi-truck has taken the same turnoff behind you.

    “Maybe he lives out here,” you think, shrugging it away.

    You’re so satisfied with yourself by not taking the oft-traveled thoroughfare, that you go ahead and make a second turnoff onto Triple T Road going southwest and further from civilization.

    “Well I’ll be buggered,” you exclaim as you adjust your rearview mirror to get a better look at the gnarled gridwork on the front of the semi, “That son of a bitch must be following me!”

    As the truck continues to inch toward you at speeds of 75 mph, it honks like a charging demonic goose.

    “And I thought made-for-TV movies were even more unlikely,” you think as your mind races back to Duel (1971, starring Dennis Weaver).


    If you speed up in hopes of losing him, go to page 163.

    If you slow down to pull over but risk further diesel-powered harassment, go to page 39.


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