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    The surroundings become very still, everyone standing dead still except for those at the roulette wheel – the croupier and this guy with melted tennis shoes, rainbow-silver skin, and a sickly, depleted head of hair.

    “You want to take a risk with a potential payout beyond your wildest dreams?” You don’t answer him. “Well try jumping inside a super-sized microwave filled with batteries, uranium, and non-dairy creamer!”

    He puts $65,000 on a single slot, double-zero, another 37 to 1 shot.

    “There’s a chance you’ll come out like me and have gained the ability to cancel out any uncertainty! I can beat the odds 100% of the time!”

    At this, you respond by picking up your bet and putting it back on black 33 again.

    “Not a smart move, my friend. I can see you’re going to lose A LOT of money!”

    The croupier takes in a long breath and gives the wheel a spin. All three of you now stand as motionless as everyone else in the house. The wheel continues to spin while the cocky gambler hocks a loogy onto the floor, maybe out of impatience because the wheel seems to be taking longer than usual. In fact, the wheel is beginning to pick up speed. The croupier tries to stop it by throwing his body on top of the wheel only to impale himself on the brass turret. The wheel stops. The silver ball flies from its orbit and readjusts the trajectory of time’s curvature…


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