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    The baby never once cries, which makes you wonder if it has health issues. But dispelling this worry is the baby’s penchant for laughter – giggling and goo-ing every time you gulch the car down a slope and bring it back up again. You decide to wear Dakota in more Native American fashion on your back in a tan baby carrier.

    At a Supervalu grocery store, you place Dakota on the checkout conveyor belt as a joke, but when he gets to the cashier somehow she didn’t see it as being funny. All she could see was the glimmer in the child’s eyes.

    “This one’s a special one, isn’t he?,” she says looking at him and tickling his belly fat.

    On a cold and snowy night in the Rockies, you exit from an historical exhibit on transportation only to find your keys missing and your car locked. The exhibit center is a long walk back, and they’re in the process of closing. There is a church building much nearer that looks like it’s open…


    If you want to get out of the cold and see if anyone from the church might help, go to page 145.

    If you’d rather try to get help finding your keys from someone in the exhibit center, go to page 133.


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