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    Without resistance (maybe there was some kind of tranquilizer in the fumes of that solution), you let the needle puncture the skin over your deltoid and feel the amber fluid to infiltrate your bloodstream.

    “The drug is called RT-KAULM,” the AIO in the back informs you, “an inverse variation of the drug known as MK-ULTRA. Instead of making the recipient hyper-actively belligerent, it calms the subject down until a mental state of communication is reached with another level of dimensional awareness – much like in meditation, only your physical body will not only remain active and under your control, but will give you certain teleportational abilities.”

    You feel part of the drug already taking its effect as your heart rate palpably drops. You begin to rein in some meaning of what’s going on.

    “Yes…yes, I need to sprint my way to Wyoming don’t I?”

    The drug has made you calm but somehow invigorated like a long-distance runner. You know from the native legends of Indian running that you should take strides over the open plains. Each stride you take becomes doubly longer than the last, almost to infinity it seems. When you reach the Medicine Wheel, you reach it a day in the past, before anyone has yet arrived. However, instead of putting an end to a shamanic ritual, your gaze is drawn in by the wheel. Staring into its center, all lines pointing inward, you realize not only your power to choose among separate realities, but why you were chosen by the AIA, because of your ability to choose from an infinite array of parallel realities.

    Then the drug bursts a blood vessel in your brain.

    The End.




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