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    Then you hit a wall…literally.

    It’s too bad your familiarity with Coyote-Road Runner cartoons couldn’t have helped in preventing this, because it was basically the same concept as when a false backdrop was painted over a canyon-side, only you didn’t make it magically through. At least, this is all according to an attorney informing you at a hospital in Wyoming. Apparently, it was all an insurance fraud scheme using cloaking technology, expensive cars and a sucker like you. And even though you just survived a terrible accident that was obviously a set-up, you’re being held liable for a small part of the damages because you still seem especially suspicious by not having a trucker’s license.


    Well, there’s a job in the Thermopolis want-ads for cutting someone’s very spacious backyard, go to page 149 to seek employment.

    Or if you’ve had enough with making deals and taking jobs, try your hand at a casino and go to page 78.


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