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    “We call this place Lost Dakota, a name chosen to evoke what could have been if the United States had simply opted for more of its own philosophy of freedom. We established ourselves underground because we believe homesteading unclaimed property sufficiently beneath the private property of others to be legitimate and because we remain safe within U.S. borders. Of course, the largest threat to our survival is posed by the very country of our inspiration and despise, but that’s why use our android ambassadors. We’ve also partnered ourselves with the Anti-CIA to help keep the jealous bullies out of our sandbox.”

    After milling about for a while in the dissipating crowd, you approach a woman with your confusion, “Excuse me, but, how is this whole system supposed to function? I mean, who elects these judges they keep referring to and all of that?”

    The woman answers your questions with a constant smile, “No one is ever elected to anything here. Democracy is just a fancy way of saying it’s alright for two people to steal from one – it’s just wrong. Any laws and judges are picked voluntarily by individuals and the same goes for means of physical defense, education, health care, you name it, all of it is voluntarily chosen and all is provided by the market just as toilet paper and refrigerators are up above. Of course, it isn’t perfect, but then, Utopia is a direction…not a destination.”


    If you decide to stick around and see what happens when freedom is left to do its thing, go to page 147.

    If this vision of the future just isn’t what you had in mind, go to page 189.


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