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    You have some trouble even reaching the cusp of the 23rd century but once you do, you feel like Daffy Duck in Duck Amuck walking around on that blank canvas while someone else watches you from a higher dimension than your own.

    “So, what brings you here, oh purple one?” Some great voice mocks you from all directions.

    “Um, hello?” you respond.

    “Oh, you’re probably wondering why no one is here…or no thing is here,” the powerful voice remarks. “Everything’s gone away – to better everythings, other everythings.”

    “So there’s nothing here at all…except you,” you posit inquisitively.

    “Me? Well, I’m not really a me, I’m actually projected from your own mind. That’s what this “place” does in the presence of Nothing.”

    You blink a few times and then ask, “So where did everything go?”

    “All civilizations that reach a certain point in their progress just decide to…up and leave for bigger and better dimensions.”

    “But wouldn’t they have some interest or even nostalgia for their old universe?”

    “Well, that’s why the universe stowed itself away inside of everyone’s collective pocket. What’s left is referred to as Lost Dakota or at least that’s what your mind is projecting.”

    Having reached the peak of this conversation to end all conversations, you backtrack and ask “Is this why we never saw any other alien civilizations ahead of ours for all those years? Did they just leave the universe behind?”

    The voice doesn’t answer back and you begin to fade in with the colorless nowhere…

    The End of the Universe (this one).




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