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    Once back inside your Cavalier, you find that you’re still able to connect to the hotel’s internet on your netbook. Since you never exchanged cellphone numbers, you feel the urge to make a psychic connection with her. That vision you had earlier might have been coming from her all along, so you scroll through some “how to use telepathy” videos until you decide to take your chances on more general material from a Google search on telepathy.

    You follow a few more links until you find yourself reading a philosophical introductory passage on free will. The part that jumps out at you reads: …to many, free will is far too illusory and counter-intuitive to even be considered possible. With all actions in the universe on a macro-level consisting of predictable, determinable paths and to the best of our knowledge, human action being inescapably trapped within these external influences, individuals making free decisions morally subject to some Higher Judgment is simply an impossibility. However, with a stretch of the rational imagination, if one were to consider the Universe or All Reality as a decision-maker, then, free will may again enter discussion.

    It goes on to talk about Schopenhauer and some others, but your mind just wanders after that. The passage triggers a creeping understanding of telepathic connections. Your mind wanders alright…right into the brain of Mehitable and looking out from her own eyes.


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