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    2048, not so far in the future, isn’t really what you were expecting.

    “Surely by this time we’d all be living in a giant Blade Runner set with all of the ambient noise remixed by DJ’s from Australia,” you told yourself, laughing at your own undeveloped and dystopian presumptions.

    Nanotechnology and artificial intelligence have blurred the lines between artificial creation and reality itself. A single “laptop” computer can generate enough computing power to rival that of the collective brain power of the entire human race! Most forms of matter are on their way to becoming infinitely reproducible!

    “Well, now no one can blame me if I was predicting we would be living in some kind of George Jetson world during the time I was grown!”

    Upon further investigation, the Singularity, some event was scheduled to happen on June 21st, 2048 where human/artificial intelligence would reach a new, unfathomable level. It seems the event was predicted by yet another “Mayan calendar”, a calendar nicknamed The Lost Dakota Calendar. An unearthed Lakota time wheel forecasted that on the summer solstice of 2048 the true “end of the world” would occur as our galaxy would be lining up with the center of its own clustered “super galaxy”.

    The End (of the World as We Know It).




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