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    The investigator dispatched to your tip-off is working out of the Sioux Falls Police Department but she told you with a sense of pride masked by a modest smile that she spent four years inside Las Vegas’s largest department.

    “Not too much crime out there,” she expounds, “but when there is one, it’s either really big or really out of the box.”

    She takes a route through a residential zone and, once when stopping at a 4-way stop sign, she asks you a question, “I’m always the one to go first when someone gets there the same time that I do. Does that say something about my personality?”

    “I’m not sure,” you reply, “I’ve never thought about it that in-depth before.”

    You get the feeling that she would have liked you to continue your answer the rest of the way to the Saigon Panda because she doesn’t say anything else. Once there, she tells you to stay put for a minute while she opens up the rear door of her Dodge Charger patrol car from the left.

    “Ok, Dakota, let me get you out of your babyseat now.” You find it strange that you weren’t aware of a child in the back but when you finally get out to follow the investigator, you discover that this is a whole different box of fruit snacks you’re dealing with here.

    “Um, Mrs. Brenley,” you address her, “Is that chimpanzee you have there armed with a Glock?”


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