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    You locate its one vulnerable spot, a luminescent and bulbous growth on its underbelly that becomes visible on rare but patterned occasions over the course of your battle. Still, the alien creature is far too intimidating for you and one of its jaws scarf you down headfirst…

    Everything is black. A small floating figure wearing a hooded robe holds out its hands. You recognize the face now – the face of your son, or rather, your meta-son from one of the many plotlines from the meta-reality simulation known as Lost Dakota. The creases in his baby fat give a look of wrinkled wisdom while he offers you two options:

    Continue from your last decision on page 168 or quit Lost Dakota and resume your progress later.

    …you make the decision to stop playing for now. But it’s such a refreshing experience to forget about your immortality and live in that time when primal, life-or-death problems still existed and the fate of the universe wasn’t always certain. You shift back into your normal state of noncontradictory, unified reality and think about the next metareality you could experience.

    The End.




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