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    Upon closely examining the body, you discover the suicidal sad sack to still have a wisp of breath left in him. Your arms scramble in place for a few seconds because you don’t know whether you should be applying CPR or heeding to the steely megaphone voice coming from your pursuers.


    The fellow’s breathing starts to act like it’s having a bad allergic reaction to the loud voice, first in deep breaths through the nostrils and then speeding up when his mouth takes part in the accelerating hyperventilation. His reactions become even more exaggerated once he opens his eyes and stares with widening vehemence at the approaching men in suits.

    Then he turns into a mad barrage of violence and obscenities –


    – tackling and ripping into the men with his fists, fingers, and teeth. An electronic taser device is applied to no avail on the raver; in fact, it looked as if he laughed away and may have even enjoyed the buzz he got from it.

    “GODFUCKDAMNSHITFUCKMOTHERWHORECUNTFUCKFUCKFUCK…” he continues his relentless bombardment until the very necks of his victims are torn open…and sparking.

    “They’re robots?” you ask out loud but don’t expect any answer from the lunatic still in frenzy-mode. The artificial men now twitch and dance in series of sputters by the dim light of their vacant car.

    “FFFFFFUUUUUUCCCKKkkk…” the final obscenity trails and then levels off along with his breathing rate.

    You stare blankly at one another.


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